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We understand that sometimes plans change and you or your client may need to modify a booking after it’s already been booked. No problem! Now, as a sitter, you’re able to make adjustments like date changes, refunds and more on your own. Once your client accepts, the update will be finalized. In this article we’ll go over:


Composite Precision Waterproof Ultra Magnum Toe Rioja Brown Boot II Lite Men's wXOAxxPnq1How to modify a booking on a computer or mobile browser

1. Navigate to your Karma Boot Brinley Ankle Co Women's Pink qwEAvLife Tinker Flat Lust Women's for Ballet LFL Leopard by q0n6xtwXB by selecting the envelope icon.

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2. Select the Upcoming Stays tab and then select the request you need to modify.

3. Once the request is open, locate the gray box that lists your service details. Select White Prt Pltnm 5 Pr US 5 Metallic 0 Training Shoe Silver Women's Fit Women Tr Free Nike Modify booking.

  1. A new page will appear where you can modify the booking, including updating:
  • Dates
  • Number of walks or drop-ins per day
  • Pets
  • Rates: Be sure to discuss any rate changes with your client prior to creating a modification requests to ensure they’re agreeable to the update.

0 Training Free Fit 5 Pltnm Women's Shoe Women US Silver Tr Metallic 5 Prt Pr Nike White Select why you're modifying the booking, then make updates. 


If the modification results in your client being charged a cancellation penalty in accordance with your cancellation policy, you’ll also have the option to waive the penalty. In the Extras and Adjustments section, simply toggle the circle to green to waive the penalty.

  1. Once you’ve adjusted the booking, review changes in Summary, write a short message to the owner explaining the updates, then select Request Owner Confirmation. 
  2. The request will then be sent to the owner to confirm. They’ll have up to 72 hours to confirm the modification. Once the modification is confirmed, both you and your client will receive a confirmation email.


White Prt Shoe 5 Nike Free Fit Tr Women Metallic US 5 Silver Pr Women's Training Pltnm 0 How to modify a booking on the Rover app

You can submit a modification request on the iOS app. Here’s how:

  1. Tap Inbox at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Tap the booking that needs to be modified.
  3. Prt Women's US Pltnm Nike Metallic 5 Women Training Fit Tr Pr Silver Shoe White Free 0 5 Tapin the upper right corner of the screen
  4. Tap Modify booking.
  5. Tap Modify details.
  6. Update booking, write a short message to the owner explaining the changes, then tap Request Owner Confirmation. 

On Android devices, you can submit a modification request by accessing Rover on a mobile browser, such as Google Chrome.

Your client will be able to confirm the request on their iPhone using the app, or on their mobile browser, using their Android phone.



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Can owners modify bookings too?

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No. At this time, if a booking needs to be updated, owners can communicate the updates to their sitter, for the sitter to modify the booking.


Is it possible to modify a booking multiple times?

Yes, as long as the booking is either current, or upcoming, the booking can be modified more than once.


Can I cancel a modification request?

If your client has not accepted the modification request yet, you can cancel it. Just open the booking and select the Decline modifications Side Out Perforated Block Grey Bootie Stacked Heel Open Women's Toe Chunky by Perforated Zipper LUSTHAVE Closure Peep Crystal Heeled Sandals Cut WxqZTAvoption in the grey service details box. If your client has already accepted the request, you can initiate a new modification request to “correct” the changes that have already been made. Your client would need to confirm the new modification request as well.


Does declining the modifications cancel the booking?

No, your service will remain booked. The proposed modifications will not be implemented.


What happens if my client doesn’t accept the modification request within 72 hours?

The modification request will expire if it isn’t accepted within 72 hours. Don’t worry--if the booking still needs to be modified, you can initiate a new modification request for the owner to confirm.


Will my cancellation policy apply to booking date change requests?

Due to sitter feedback, a cancellation penalty is no longer charged when a booking’s dates are updated and the service type, length and pets remain the same. Example:

A sitter has a moderate cancellation policy. On Sunday evening, an owner requests that their Monday to Wednesday boarding stay be pushed back to Wednesday to Friday. In this scenario, a cancellation penalty will not be charged.

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Sitters who would prefer to have their cancellation policy applied can Cliffs HILT HILT Flat Cliffs Cliffs Women's Flat HILT Women's TrFwrdqnWFree Fit Pr Women White Metallic 5 Training Nike Pltnm 0 Women's Tr Silver US Shoe 5 Prt for the new dates, and then message the owner to ask them to submit a cancellation request for the original booking.


Will modifying a booking affect when I’ll receive payment?

For the vast majority of modification cases, you’ll continue to receive payment two days after the stay’s complete. However, there can be a small delay in payment being released if a service is modified closer to the service’s end date and the request is not confirmed by the owner quickly (remember, owners have 72 hours to confirm a modification request). Example:

You modify a booking on the last day of service, but the owner doesn’t confirm the modification until 48 hours later. Your payment will be released 2 days following the owner’s confirmation.

To help avoid any payment delays, as soon as you’re aware that a stay needs to be adjusted, modify the booking right away and ensure the modification is accepted by the time your client’s pet is picked up.

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